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CellMapper 5.1.0 Released

After a month of testing, CellMapper 5.1.0 has been released.  This new version bring an important change, as CellMapper is now able to detect network subtypes one again.  This includes brand new features like LTE-A detection without having to trigger Carrier Aggregation by downloading a large file.
There are also some manufacturer specific detection methods, like DC-HSPA+ dection on Sony devices as well.

Full list of supported network subtypes:
  • HSDPA                              
  • HSUPA                  
  • UMTS                  
  • HSPA+                    
  • TD-SCDMA                  
  •  IS95A          
  • IS95B                    
  • 1xRTT                    
  • EVDO-0                              
  • EVDO-A                
  • EVDO-B                
  • EHRPD                
  • LTE                  
  • LTE-A                        
  • DC-HSPA+                    
  • HSDPA+                
  • HSUPA+                
  • DC-HSDPA            
  • DC-HSUPA          
  • DC-HSDPA+          
  • DC-HSPA+
We've also updated the app to target Android 7.1.1, which allows us to take advantage of new features such as App Shortcuts in order to allow quick links to various section of CellMapper.

Full release details:
- Tap to select country on map
- Support more network types
- Optimized for Android 7.1.1 (round icon, shortcuts)
- UI improvements
- Better filtering for bad data during handoff
- Network subtypes now displayed for new API
- Fixed missing provider name for dual SIM phones (new API)
- Read DC-HSPA+ on some Sony devices
- Add GSM Timing Advance
- Implement new Android permission model
- Make map clustering optional
- Added more tower info per tower
- Crash fixes
- More translations


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